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November 28, 2012
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Bill was waiting for a call, staring intensely at his iPhone as it would make it ring. To his surprise it rang.
"Hello... yeah I'm Bill, nice to meet you Christoph... yeah my brother and me will be there on time, see you then."

Christoph Gampl wanted Bill and Tom to be the stars of his movie The Robbers, a new modern version of book Die Räuber. Bill and Tom went to the appointment, met with the guy, and were handed the scripts.

"Bill, I don't know, I don't really like this..."

"Tom! what are you saying? nonsense, I really love my character FRANZ VON MOOR"

"Well, I'm supposed to be the bad guy, why would he give YOU that part, besides, Franz is ugly as fuck, you're not THAT UGLY"

"Du kranke sau! (You Sick Pig) he told me he would make adjustments about that in the movie, but you know what? I think it will be great to go back to the origins, don't you remember Tom?!"

"ya, but I'll just do it for you, I never really like acting that much anyway, there's only one problem"

"We're almost done with the album, I'll talk to the guys and make a meeting for tomorrow, it will be a tight scheduled but Chris will let us go back and forth to Hamburg, we just need to set the released date and shoot the video, that should give us plenty of time to finish the movie" Bill said clapping his hands near to his frame.

"Did he say that? when?" a confusedly Tom asked.

"When you were TEXTING, that was rude by the way uh" ...


On the first day of shooting the clothing was fitted for the twins, the characters' descriptions were memorized,
the location was a beautiful green countryside a few hundred miles from Hamburg, the city which the twins would visit once a week
to keep track on the progress of the last stage of the Tokio Hotel album.
They felt good, being part of something new they could do together, they knew it would be hard to reflect a hatred on
each other where there was none, that was the challenge they wanted to overcome, they were doing their best, Tom was
in fact loving the acting, specially when it came to love scenes with his "fake wife".
They were working hard and they always had a cappuccino in the set.


Bill in his character; FRANZ VON MOOR: "You see that I too have a spirit; but my spirit bears the sting of a scorpion. And then it was "the dry commonplace, the cold, the wooden Francis," and all the pretty little epithets which the contrast between us suggested to your fatherly affection, when he was sitting on your knee, or playfully patting your cheeks? "He would die, forsooth, within the boundaries of his own domain, moulder away, and soon be forgotten;" while the fame of this universal genius would spread from pole to
pole! Ah! the cold, dull, wooden Franz thanks thee, heaven, with uplifted hands, that he bears no resemblance to his brother."

"CUT!, that was perfect Bill!" said the director.

"I'm glad this is the last shot for today, we have a flight to catch tonight" said Bill, relieved, the hard working day was over.


Bill and Tom arrived at the Berlin Airport, a black Escalade was waiting for them. The shooting of the Tokio Hotel's new single "Larger Than Life" was going to start tomorrow. Georg and Gustav welcomed them at the hotel, the excitement was so big, but no celebration was made, they needed to be sober and well-rested for the video.

The four guys woke up early and got in the SUV to take them to the location where the video was going to be made.

The huge warehouse was waiting for them, the cameras put in place, and the green screens assembled. The next two days were the same agenda, waking up early, get to the warehouse, do the performance, it was a simple futuristic video.

*video concept*
The band performs on the moon inside a bulletproof glass Dome, a couple of "Aliens" (Actresses) watch them on the tv, their rooms were decorated with posters of the band and special customized Tokio Hotel items.

[I may run and hide
When you're screamin' my name, alright
But let me tell you now
There are prices to fame, alright
All of our time spent in flashes of light

All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life]

The video was done. They were all happy with the result.
The album "Dark Anthems" was finished, a released date was announced, the press conferences would start in 3 weeks, everything was falling into place, the Tour dates were on the Official Tokio Hotel website.


The twins still had some work to do, they returned to the movie location the next morning, feeling nostalgic with Gustav and Georg though they would call them often before they get back together for the conferences. There was only one scene left, the end scene was already shot, the one left was the hardest one, they had agreed with the producer to skip it and leave it to shoot it last, they wanted to be done with the album stuff to get complete confidence and their minds completely focus to complete the challenge.

Bill was unusually nervous and getting scared, he had a very bad feeling.

"Tom, something is not right, I'm telling you" said Bill, hoping it was just his nervousness playing tricks.

Tom tried to comfort Bill in everything he could, Bill needed to feel safe, protected and supported by his big brother.

Bill demanded the guns to be checked before they were brought to them, it was a policy to check the weapons used on stage, but they double checked them to satisfied Bill.

They were face to face, 10 feet away, pointing guns at each other. Bill discomfort and fear grew more seeing that barrel gun in front of him, he couldn't help it but to feel fear, his face expression was real.

"CUT!" a speakerphone sounded projecting the director's voice "we'll continue in an hour, have a break everyone".

Bill let out a sigh of relieve and positioned his gun on a nearby table. Tom put his gun away too.

"Damn! you are an excellent actor, I almost felt it was real, you scared me Billi" the older one said while friendly punching Bill's shoulder.

Bill felt foolish to feel afraid of a toy gun pointing at him.

"Nein, nein" (no,no) was Bill's reply, almost blushing in the act.

It was lunch time and the producer wanted to spoiled them one last time, the food served was Vegetarian Duck, one of the twin's favorite food. Soon the break was over, and the  scene had to be done.

"Guns scene ready, light, camera, ACTION!" the cameras started rolling.

The twins were once again pointing their guns at each other, they had fake blood bags attached to them under their clothes, a mechanism trigger remotely would make them explode, making a hole on the fabric and bag to let it bleed.

Bill was the first one to shot his gun, a blank was fired and Tom's upper left arm was letting the fake blood emerge.

Tom stumble, still holding his gun. It was scripted, he should be mad, his brother shot him.

Tom in his character; KARL VON MOOR: " It is the finger of God, you should bear that enormous load of crime with you in eternity. Father in Heaven! here I restore peace." firing his gun. He felt the force of the kickback, the sounds was louder than Bill's gun, his ears buzzed for a second or two.

Tom saw Bill standing with the scripted fake wound on his chest, his face was blank, motionless, like if he was shot.
Those seconds seem endless, he discovered another wound in Bill's body, in his heart.
The bleeding was rapidly coming out, staining the fabric.

Bill gulped, dropped his gun, taking both of hands into his chest, he kneeled down and met Tom's eyes, speechless, the expression on his brother was of horror, he felt the air escaping his lungs, and then he knew.

Tom ran up to Bill and hold him before he dropped on the floor. He reached at Bill's hands in his chest, pressing them against the bloody flesh.

Tom was crying, all his emotions were tangled, he was shattered watching his twin brother like this, a torture for both of them.

"911, we have an emergency..." the director was calling for an ambulance.

Nor Tom or Bill were listening to their surroundings, nothing else existed in that moment, just them, nothing else.

Bill held Tom's hands together with his, the scarlet liquid emanating from his body made them feel even warmer.

Bill felt weak, but glad his brother was by his side.

"BILL, PLEASE DON'T GO, DON'T LEAVE ME... BIBI I NEED YOU, PLEASE, BILL!" the desperation and scream were filling the place.

The bleeding was weakening Bill, his eyelids were heavy, he let a tear come out gathering strength to speak.

"Tom... don't... leave... me... alone..." he was coughing blood. " Tom..." Bill coughed one last time.

"Bill you're gonna be alright, please Bill, stay with me, I won't leave you, YOU HEAR ME! you won't leave me!"

Bill made his bones tattooed hand squeezed Tom's hand as hard as he could and after a painful smile he whispered:
"Don't let me leave you... Tom..." the last word came as a weak whisper only heard by the person next to him, his eyes closed, his hand lost his grip, the flowing of the blood decreased, and his heart stopped.

"Bill? BILL!, NO BILL, PLEASE BILL!!!!" Tom was screaming, crying, holding and hugging his lifeless little brother into his chest, his heart was aching, it was an unbearable pain, the air felt dense and heavy, he was struggling to breath, his head was filled by thoughts of the moments they shared, the promise they made "I'll never leave you Bill, nothing can break our bond, we are unbreakable, I promised"
Inconsolable, his heart couldn't take it anymore, motionless he fell on the floor, thinking how Bill was alone in the valley of shadow of death.

"I'm coming Bibi, you're not going to be alone anymore, don't be afraid...I'm coming" that was his last thought before the lights faded away, he knew it would be over when he close his eyes.

His heart surrendered and he was as lifeless as the body between his arms.
Spanish [link]

This is my first fanfic.

Please don't hate me :XD:

If you can't see it, I also got it on my blog [link]
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